What People are Saying About the Food

For over a year, Telah has been making healthy and delicious food for our family every week! She uses organic ingredients and innovative recipes, drawing on various ethnic cuisines. She will work with you to make sure that you are happy with the weekly menus. She is reliable and personable, and she cares about her clients. When you have young kids and are working full-time, a service like this feels like a life-saver sometimes!!! Thanks TELAH!

–Anna D’Souza

Telah is a rare healthful creative chef with delicious recipes and meals. Her organic produce is the freshest I’ve tasted and her meals always surprise with bursts of flavor. For radiant health, detoxing, allergy plans and fitness and yoga support – Telah is number one. I recommend her to my clientele and their health transformations.> — Kiki Flynn, Yoga and wellness expert www.kikiflynn.com

I love Telah’s food. We’ve been working together for more than a month and she has yet to repeat a dish. When I cook, I prepare one or two vegetables. Telah’s dishes contain a colorful bounty of a changing variety of vegetables. I’m eating so healthy and saving so much time in shopping and food prep. — Stacey Platt, Dwell Well

I can’t believe I ate beets…..and I was totally okay with it – you are the best.— Tania T, RN

We are so happy with Telah’s delicious cooking. She uses fresh organic materials that are also seasonal. The food is never overcooked and allows for us to add salt as we need. She goes to great effort to keep meals varied each time, and to customize the order to our particular tastes. Our newborn baby who is 100% breastfeed is so vibrant and healthy thanks to Telah’s use of special ingredients optimized for breastfeeding. Even our skin is clearer and brighter, and we have increased health and energy. The dishes are all organic, vegan, and so delicious. You can’t beat Telah’s cooking and service! — Kenji and Sayoko

Telah’s cooking changed my lifeI have always strived to eat fresh organic food- but it’s near impossible with a busy city life. Not only is her cooking insanely delicious- but she is constantly changing her menu and trying new vegan delights. Telah is also very professional. I recommend her without hesitation- in fact i urge you to have her magical food.

— Jasmine Takanikos

I’ve learned so much and gained confidence from Telah’s cooking lessons. Her recipes are customized to my digestive needs: eating this way i have more energy and overall health. Thanks Telah! — Jordon Gallager

Telah’s incredible cooking changes my life! Even considering my stringent dietary requirements (no meat, dairy, gluten, garlic, onions, or sugar). Telah creates delicious, nourishing, balanced, and varied meals each week that I absolutely love to eat. Eating Telah’s food keeps my energy balanced, my spirits high, and both my body and tongue happy!

— Claire Smith

Telah is fantastic! She is creative and prepares us delicious meals. It is like having a restaurant in our refrigerator!

— Lisa, Paul and Luke Angerame

More healthy than “health food”, more delicious than a French restaurant. — Paul Wolfe

With Telah’s cooking, I always feel like I am nourishing my body while satisfying my taste buds with delicious food.

— Carmen Ackerley

My husband and I always look forward to Mondays now that Telah is cooking for us! Her menu choices are creative, healthy, and most importantly absolutely delicious. We feel energized after eating Telah’s incredible vegan cuisine. Thank you Telah!

— Lisa Openshaw Behrman

Thanks to Telah I have escaped the tyranny of restaurants. I can now enjoy wonderful cooking at home, entertain my friends, and no more deliveries! Telah’s dishes are so tasty and healthy- and I look forward to the marinated Tempeh and lovely soups and noodles dishes eery week. I also enjoy a variety of dishes. Telah leaves the place so clean afterwards…it’s a pleasure to come home to all the smells of divine fresh cooking. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to enjoy gourmet healthy eating at home to try Telah. You will not be sorry!

— Monica Wolfson, Sales Director, Real Capital Analytics, NYC