Private Chef Services

Working with Me ~ ~ Contact me for a free 15 min. consult

You will benefit from healthy nutrient-dense foods that are plant-based, organic, and anti-inflammatory by having me consult and prepare your food. Some people need to cut down and transition off of excess animal proteins and others may need them. I service both and am well-experienced as a former vegan and now omnivore. Some styles I draw from are Ayurvedic food, healing detox diets, Ital, traditional ethnic foods, South-East Asian fare, paleo and animal-protein diets, vegan and vegetarian, gluten-free, farm-to-table local, Mediterranean, macrobiotics, and comfort food.

Clean, nutrient-dense foods are free of processed ingredients like GMOs and glyphosate and provide a healthy solution to building the immune system up and managing healthy weight and the ability to keep organs functioning properly. The meal plans I create custom for you are structured to balance out your system with fresh organic seasonal vegetables and fruit, clean hormone-free animal proteins, soy-free vegan, gluten-free options, and auto-immune, grain-free, or special anti-inflammatory ingredients for your menus. I work with all types of protocols for healing and work with your doctor, practitioner, and or your higher wisdom.

How Weekly Meal Plans work~

We set up a call to go over your food choices and health concerns. Next, I come up with a menu that is based on your needs.

From there we decide what day I will deliver to you. I work on a weekly basis with clients and rates may differ if you are weekly vs bi-weekly. Groceries are charged separately and weekly rates range depending on the amount of food needed.

Private chef rates and dinner parties also are available where I cook in your home for the day.

Feel free to inquire by email

Other Services~

~Holistic Nutrition and Purification Guidance: In person or on the phone. Support and train you how to detox parasites, candida, biotoxins, mold, and nutritional support for any chronic illness. This can be a mentorship program that incorporates 3 months of cooking and yoga classes.

~I also offer weekly detox meal plans where you receive a week's worth range of juices, smoothies, and blended soups. This is great for re-setting the functions of the organs. Good for going into or off of a fast or intense detox.

~Private Ashtanga Yoga Instruction , NYC (Also on Zoom)

~Holistic Cooking Classes- Private or group instruction on whole food cooking techniques and philosophy. 4 recipe class. (Also on Zoom)

Artisanal Food Events

Cacao Date Energy Ball ~Catering

Holiday Parties

Cooking Classes

Private Cheffing

Cacao and Medicinal Mushroom Elixir with Coconut Milk ~Catering

Vegan and Gluten-free Menus

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