My Story

My passion is healthy food. I love all kinds of natural, fresh, organic, healing foods! What I mean by healing is fare that satiates my whole being- i’m not only feeding my body but my spirit too. My wildly divine spirit!

I fell into this healing work- not because i just woke up one day and said let me be a holistic chef. No-I fell..and fell pretty hard into it. Learning that I must heal myself first and foremost. It was the thoughts I was feeding myself that I am not thin enough. In my early 20’s I became anorexic and had to rebuild myself up. A regular yoga practice helped me see a different person in myself and said it was ok to have a womanly body- it’s ok to be a woman! And I also started to nourish my body in ways I had not totally done before- with proper food, less pushing my body to it’s max, acupuncture, herbs, and with positive women role models. This was life-changing and began my path as a health-supportive chef and teacher.

My love of the natural world has deepened through the years and I have devoted my life to studying the healing nature of plants and our communication with it. Whether giving simple natural health advice or planning menus for those with health conditions- my belief that plants heal and bring us closer to truth, nature, and earth, remains strong. How we treat the animals, land, and water significantly affects our state of health and level of connectedness. I have been helping many people with dietary transition from animal-based diets to plant-based(vegan) diets with ease and I work with paleo diets that incorporate animal fats and protein with individuals who eat that way. Even though I was vegan for many years, I now have made a conscious choice to eat animal fats and protein- my personal diet has changed over the years. I still eat a plant-based diet and educate people on the importance of balance and listening to your body's needs. It’s all body awareness.

Later my journey lead me to learn how to do proper detoxification. I now practice nutritional and detox guidance for people who are clearing parasites, candida, mold, biotoxins, and helping guide their diet and lifestyle to support any chronic health condition. It was thru my own healing process and learning how to properly guide the body toward its own innate healing. Using supportive herbal medicine, organic food, coffee enemas, and far infrared sauna therapy, along with Ashtanga yoga has been a protocol I follow even now. I am still a work in progress and encourage anyone who lives with chronic conditions to not forget that the body knows how to heal itself given the right circumstances.

I received some of my nutrition training from the Institute For Integrative Nutrition in 2004 where I also was certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as a Holistic Health Practitioner. A lot of my therapeutic cooking training was self-taught in the kitchen and through experience working in juice bars and cafes. The most experience I received was through healing my own chronic gut issues. I have been health-supportive cooking for 10 years in NYC and work with a range of diets and health conditions. I carry certifications through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as a CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional, 2015 ) and with Premier Research Labs in Quantum Reflex Analysis, 2019. I was certified in 2007 as a yoga teacher from Richard Freeman’s Ashtanga Yoga. I have been serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island as a private chef for the past 15 years in NYC.